Painting Workshops from Frontz Studio

Our workshops combine demonstrations, lectures, intensive group instruction, personal attention and informative critiques in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. Any workshop can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Watercolor Workshops by Leslie Frontz, AWS, NWS

Leslie painting

About the Instructor:

Using a few brushes and a limited palette, Leslie demonstrates how thinking about the interaction of brushes, paint, and paper makes the mastery of watercolor accessible to everyone. Her instruction is grounded in the fundamental principles of watercolor painting, allowing students to pull together their skills to become both better painters and designers. Leslie’s approach to composition is just as simple: a few shapes, a simple pattern of values, and a no-nonsense approach to color. A focus on the “how and why” of brushwork and the creative application of paint provides solutions for other challenges.

Each workshop day begins with a demonstration. Leslie works individually with students to help them find their own way with this creative medium.  


Sun Worshippers Watercolor – A Fresh Start:
The Fresh Start workshop provides exciting solutions for any watercolorist interested in pulling together winning paintings. This course ties together materials, brushwork, composition and color in a seamless, easy-to-follow approach. Students learn how to capture the excitement of their subjects, master color relationships, and much more. This simple approach allows students to quickly improve their painting and design skills as well as develop a personal style.
Quiet Morning Watercolor – Brushing Up:
The Brushing Up Workshop is designed for watercolor painters – beginning or advanced – who want a jumpstart on the road to mastery of brushes, paint, and paper. Students quickly develop proficiency in these three essentials and use their newfound skills to interpret any subject with assurance. Painting luminous darks, mixing and using colors with confidence, and using expressive brushwork are all within easy reach. The workshop provides a fun and fast way to unlock creativity by learning the fundamentals of the watercolor medium. 
Tuff-n-Nuff Watercolor – Painting Vignettes:
A vignette is a watercolor with areas around the focal point deliberately left unpainted. The subject stands out clearly, and the white paper sparkles: already a winning combination. What is not well known is that a vignette is not just a simple way to finish a painting. Vignettes are also a fun and easy way to learn about the fundamentals of design. There are many “rules” for painting vignettes, but it all comes down to a few basic principles for placing and organizing shapes. This workshop provides students with the skills needed to give any watercolor a winning edge.
Tuff-n-Nuff Watercolor – Figures in the Landscape:
This workshop is the answer for the many students who have asked for information about how to incorporate figures in a scene. Leslie’s straightforward approach teaches students how to see and paint figures as an integral part of a setting. She prepares students for success by introducing a few basic techniques, followed by sessions devoted to painting people and animals as part of a landscape or cityscape. Tips include how to treat edges, build connections among shapes, and make the most of shadows.

Oil Painting Workshops by Harold Frontz

Harold painting

About the Instructor:

Harold is a contemporary impressionistic artist whose workshops feature a traditional approach emphasizing important painting principles. Students are taught basic skills and are then free to adapt these principles to their own preferred methods of painting. Harold believes that by becoming proficient with the craft of art, each person’s artistic preference can then assert itself with the freedom and confidence that comes with technical self-assurance. This results in paintings that contain strong technical elements but also reflect the personal taste of each individual artist. Each workshop features handouts, demonstrations and extensive individual instruction.


A Lazy Morning Fundamentals of Oil Painting:
This workshop is suitable for painters of all levels who are unfamiliar with, or would like to learn more about basic oil painting theory. The course focuses on five important principles in creating a painting: drawing, composition, tonal values, color properties, and application of the paint. A portion of each workshop is devoted to presenting these important techniques and examples are designed to illustrate methods for gaining personal competence. Students may choose any subject when developing their paintings (landscapes, still life subjects, seascapes, coastal scenes, ships, manmade structures, etc.).
Wave Action Mastering the Elements:
This workshop is designed for painters of all levels who struggle with the more common elements found in landscapes including trees, water, clouds, ground planes, and manmade structures. Each element is broken down into easy to understand step-by-step painting techniques that allow students to gain confidence when painting landscapes. Students may elect to practice these techniques in the studio or outdoors during the workshop and will receive guidance and suggestions during the development of their work. This workshop emphasizes landscape painting but the painting principles can also be applied to other subjects.
Winter Day An Artist’s Guide to Landscape Painting:
This workshop is ideal for artists of all levels who wish to try painting landscapes. Students are introduced to traditional painting methods including composition, tonal values, color properties and brushwork. The results capture the fundamental elements of the scene and convey the artist’s initial emotional reaction to the subject. With the interest in landscape painting, this workshop is invaluable for those interested in reproducing the varied wonders of nature.
East Prong of the Roaring River Capturing the Moment: An Introduction to Plein Air Painting:
This workshop is ideal for artists of all levels who wish to try painting outdoors. Harold has developed a simple approach that enables painters to quickly identify a suitable subject, accurately sketch in the essential shapes, create a strong value pattern, choose the appropriate colors, and quickly and efficiently apply the paint. Students are introduced to traditional painting methods and then apply these principles en Plein air with assistance from the instructor. The results capture the moment and serve as a memento of an enjoyable outdoor painting experience or provide a valuable reference for a more finished studio painting. With the growing interest in Plein air painting, this workshop is essential for those interested in experiencing the wonderful sights and sounds of painting outdoors.
Copper Still Life Still Life Painting: Clean and Simple:
This workshop is ideal for artists of all levels who wish to try still life painting. Harold has developed a simple approach that enables painters to quickly identify and arrange suitable subjects, accurately sketch in the basic shapes, create strong value patterns, choose the appropriate colors, and quickly and efficiently apply the paint. Students are introduced to traditional painting methods including drawing, design, tonal qualities, color properties and brushwork. Participants then apply these principles with assistance from the instructor. The results capture the fundamental elements of the arrangement and convey a strong emotional response to the painting. This workshop provides a valuable learning opportunity for those who enjoy designing and rendering an arresting still life painting.
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