Collector's Guide

As you purchase a painting, we suggest you consider the following:

Davis Farm
"Davis Farm" by Harold Frontz


Basic drawing and painting skills are essential. Regardless of painting style, the artist must be able to control the way the subject is represented. In this impressionist, somewhat abbreviated painting, the structures are both accurate and expressive, capturing the charm of a fall farm scene.
"Watchful" by Leslie Frontz


A well-organized painting has a pattern of light and dark tones that integrates the subject into a cohesive whole. Fine artists will tell you that while color gets most of the credit, the tonal organization does much of the work. In this example, the contrasting lights and darks form strong, broad shapes that provide a solid framework for the watercolor.
Coastal Clouds
"Coastal Clouds" by Harold Frontz


The colors, shapes and textures that make up a painting should express the character of the subject and identify it as the center of interest. There should be a balance of bright and neutral colors and expressive textures. The strong colors and shape of the clouds leave no doubt that they are intended to be the focal point, and the way the color is applied beautifully suggests the prominence of coastal cloud formations.
"Paddington" by Leslie Frontz
The brushwork should appear confident, clean and direct. Well-placed strokes of pigment can convincingly capture a subject. An accomplished artist is able to make objects appear absolutely authentic while leaving much to our imagination.
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